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Multidisciplinary artist Roseanna Preston-Jones creates unique artworks with her passion for collage, photography and textiles.

Nature and travel are constant streams of inspiration and Roseanna develops her color palettes and design concepts from these

abundant sources. Natural, British wool and yarn are prioritized by Roseanna and she supports home grown, local resources and materials.

Weaving by hand on a traditional floor loom gives every fabric a special quality, unique to this ancient process.


Accompanying her handmade textiles are Roseanna's collage artworks. The collages are made purely from cut paper assemblage.  

Each artwork represents a theme and working inspiration from which several of her collections are born. Roseanna creates custom mood and colour

boards as well as fashion trend forecasts for private clients. The collage artworks are framed and available as originals or limited edition art prints.

Made by hand in Dunkeld, Perthshire, Scotland UK