Forever Blankets are designed by you

Hand made to order each bespoke blanket is created from personal elements.

Yarns, gemstones and talismans are harmoniously woven together to make a unique artwork and piece to treasure for generations.

Symbolism is found in each and every aspect, the meaning and lore of the colors and in the materials and gemstones used.


A written description of the blanket will accompany your piece, all beautifully encased in a solid cedar box.

Your blanket can be a gift for yourself, representing you and your life. Birthstones are often used to represent the person who will own and cherish the one off piece. Perhaps you wish to celebrate a time, a person, an animal or just create something beautiful for your home to hang on your wall or snuggle under on the beach. 

Make it personal, contact Roseanna to discuss your one-of-a-kind woven artwork and collaborate on your 'Forever' blanket.

Please note custom orders typically take 6-8 weeks. 

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